Why Companion Reading?

  • Uses the powerful tool of peer tutoring
  • Children start to read the first day of school
  • No tracking or grouping--all kids learn together
  • Integrates reading, writing, and comprehension
  • First graders learn over 2300 words
  • Cooperative nature reduces bullying
  • Uses nonsense words to improve decoding skills 
  • Builds confidence--kids are successful everyday
  • First graders will read 60 words per minute orally

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"When I taught Companion Reading for the very first time, the classrooms around me were using it and I barely used it because I was just learning about the program. Even though I'm an excellent teacher, my kids could not read as well as the kids in the other classrooms. So the next year I went ahead and used it in my classroom and I had incredible results."  -Karen Zastra, First Grade teacher  Read More...