Metra Publishing: About Us

Grant Von Harrison, author and designer of Companion Reading, was a professor in the Department of Instructional Research and Development at Brigham Young University. Companion Reading (K-3) is an empirically researched, direct instructional model that integrates language arts and phonics. Dr. Harrison worked extensively to make sure all components of reading instruction were included in his program. Dr. Harrison, through long-term research and study, created a program that is arguably the best reading program for primary grades ever written.

Terry Summerhays was the president and owner of Metra Publishing, publisher of the Companion Reading program, until his death in 2011. A great advocate of Companion Reading, he stated, "I was once told by a superintendent that careful use of Companion Reading was by far the best reading program she had ever seen and that if teachers would use it as written, there would be no reason to purchase expensive, consultant-laden programs." This same superintendent used Companion Reading when she was a principal, and received the National Blue Ribbon School Award after its implementation. With a smile and his characteristic enthusiasm, Terry would impart stories like this to anyone with an interest in education.

Terry's passion and commitment to this program and to children's literacy continues today with his daughters, who now run Metra Publishing. The two youngest were tutored with the Companion Reading program, and entered kindergarten reading at a 3rd grade level. They strongly feel the need to continue Terry's legacy with Metra Publishing, and make the Companion Reading program available throughout the U.S., Canada, and beyond.

"We love this program, we've seen it work, and we're excited to bring it to you!"