The Knight and the Princess

Lancelot was a gallant, bold knight. He had dark black hair and blue eyes. There was not a more handsome knight in the entire kingdom. Late one night the king sent for Lancelot. When Lancelot saw the king he could tell that there was something wrong.
"What can I do for my king?" asked Lancelot. "The old witch of the forest has kidnapped my daughter, Princess Ann, and taken all my gold," wept the king. "I know where the witch has taken the princess," said Lancelot. "I will rescue Princess Ann and return your gold by tomorrow." The king took hold of Lancelot's hand and said, "If you can save the princess, you can have the gold and all my kingdom." Lancelot jumped upon his horse and galloped out of sight.
Before the clock had struck midnight, Lancelot entered the wicked woods and crept quietly to the cave where the old witch lived. The cave was cold and dark, except for a faint light. When Lancelot came close to the light, he saw Princess Ann locked in chains and the old witch sitting by a fire counting the king's gold. The witch looked up and saw the knight. She screamed and a dragon appeared to fight Lancelot. Lancelot killed the dragon, put chains on the old witch and returned Princess Ann and the gold to the king.
The king tried to give his gold and kingdom to Lancelot. "No," said Lancelot, "but I would like to marry Princess Ann." The king said, "That is up to Ann." Princess Ann smiled and said, "Yes! I will marry you!"