for First Grade Students

2300 Level 2 (First Grade) CR Regular Classroom Kit  $760

For 30 students, includes: 1 Teacher's Guide & Binder, 1 Set of Overhead Blackline Masters,

15 Companion Study Exercise Booklets, 1 Set of Blackline Masters; (Reading Exercises, Share

Sheets, Worksheets, Words I Can Read, Performance Tests, Mini Sheets, Rip the Rat), 1 Mastery Check

Booklet, 1 Companion Reading Tutor Manual, 1 Training Materials Booklet, 1 Set Flash Cards.

2400 Level 2 CR Deluxe Classroom Kit with Hanging Charts  $1050

(Same as the CR Regular Classroom Kit with Hanging Charts included.)

2200 Level 2 (First Grade) CR Specialist Kit  $495

(For Title One and other Special Interventions.) Specialist Kit for 6 students.

Same as the CR Regular Classroom Kit but contains only 3 Companion Study Exercise Booklets.

Level 2 (First Grade) Individual Components for Reorder Only:

Teacher's Guide not sold separately 

2101 L2 Companion Study Exercise Booklet  $22

2102 L2 Share Sheet Blackline Master (Parental Involvement)  $49

2103 L2 Reading Exercise Blackline Master (Oral & Silent Reading Practice)  $98

2104 L2 Worksheet Blackline Master (Writing & Comprehension)  $98

2105 L2 Words I Can Read Blackline Master (CR Word List)  $17

2106 L2 Mastery Check Booklet  $8

2181 L2 Training Materials Booklet  $10

2108 L2 Performance Tests Blackline Master $35

2112 L2 Mini Sheets Blackline Master  $3

2111 L2 Overhead Blackline Master $77

2109 L2 Flash Cards  $21

2172 L2 Rip the Rat (Stories) Units 1-11 Blackline Master  $77

2107 L2 CR Tutor Manual (One-to-One Tutorial)  $49

2113 L2 Hanging Charts $390


Level 2 (First Grade) Preprinted Student Materials:

For your convenience you may purchase preprinted Blackline Masters

for Share Sheets, Reading Exercises, and Worksheets.

2202 L2 Share Sheets-Bulk (Stacks of 30)  $120

2203 L2 Reading Exercises-Bulk (Stacks of 30) $210

2204 L2 Worksheets-Bulk (Stacks of 30)  $305

Companion Reading Level 2 components are listed above. The Level 2 (First Grade) Companion Reading Program includes 28 Units of instruction. After every 7 units is a Performance Test and Progress Report. Level 2 offers students a solid foundation in letter sound discrimination, mastery of letter sounds, phonemic awareness, ability to decode regular and rule-governed words, an extensive sight words vocabulary, major increase in oral vocabulary, use of contextual clues to read new sight words, reading for meaning, ability to read fluently, and the ability to read second grade material with ease. (See scope & sequence for skills taught in each unit.) 

(Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Prices do not include shipping.)