for Kindergarten Students


1100 Level 1(Kindergarten) Classroom Kit   $670

For 30 Students, includes: 1 Teacher's Guide & Binder, 15 Companion Reading Exercise Booklets,

1 Set Flash Cards, 1 Set Blackline Masters (Worksheets, Reading Exercises, Share Sheets, Flash Card Sheet

Masters) 1 Kindergarten Tutor Manual.

1400 Level 1 CR Deluxe Classroom Kit with Hanging Charts   $925

(Same as the CR Regular Classroom Kit with Hanging Charts included.)

1200 Level 1(Kindergarten) CR Specialist Kit  $440

(For Title One and other Special Interventions.) Specialist Kit for 6 students. Same as the CR

Regular Classroom Kit  but contains only 3 Companion Study Exercise Booklets.

Level 1 (Kindergarten) Individual Components for Reorder Only:

Teacher's Guide not sold separately

2156 Three Ring Binder  $16

1101 L1 Companion Study Exercise Booklet (Peer Tutoring)  $20

1102 L1 Share Sheet Blackline Master (Parental Involvement) $40

1103 L1 Reading Exercise Blackline Master (Oral & Silent Reading Practice) $42

1104 L1 Worksheet Blackline Master (Writing & Comprehension) $70

1105 L1 Flash Card Set $18

1107 L1 Tutor Manual (One-to-OneTutorial) $35

1109 L1 Flash Card Sheet Master  $16

1113 L1 Hanging Charts $355


Level 1 (Kindergarten) Preprinted Student Materials:

 For your convenience you may purchase preprinted Blackline Masters for Share Sheets, 

Reading Exercises, and Worksheets.


 1202 L1 Share Sheets-Bulk (Stacks of 30) $120

1203 L1 Reading Exercises-Bulk (Stacks of 30) $95

1204 L1 Worksheets-Bulk (Stacks of 30) $305


Companion Reading Kindergarten components are listed above. The Kindergarten Companion Reading Program includes 30 Units of instruction. Each unit is approximately 5 lessons. The Kindergarten program is a total integration of group instruction, peer tutoring, individual writing, teacher assessment, oral and silent reading, outside reading, home support materials, and life applications. (See scope & sequence for skills taught in each unit.)

(Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Prices do not include shipping)