Structured Tutoring is an effective tutoring program designed to accomodate the

unique learning styles of struggling students. The program is based on a

one-on-one model that instructs the tutor to use psychologically sound techniques

while teaching students.




All Tutoring Kits include 1 Tutor Manual with instruction for the tutor,  and 1 Student Kit which is a booklet for the student to log and track their progress. Tutor Manual and Student Kit may be sold separately.

6700 Beginning Reading 1 Tutor Kit (Grades 1-2) $55

6750 Beginning Reading 2 Tutor Kit (Grades 3-6)  $55

6760 Basic Reading for Secondary Students Tutor Kit (Grades 7-12)  $55

6770 Basic Reading for use with Teenagers and Adults Tutor Kit $55

6780 Basic Reading for Adults Tutor Kit  $55

(Prices do not include shipping. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery)