Karen Zastra - First Grade Teacher

"When I taught Companion Reading for the very first time, the classrooms around me were using it and I barely used it because I was just learning about the program. Even though I'm an excellent teacher, my kids could not read as well as the kids in the other classrooms. So the next year I went ahead and used it in my classroom and I had incredible results. I used it in the years that followed and I got the same results. My reading average this year on the standardized test they gave my students was 94.5."

Dr. Barbara Crossland - Former Principal

"I wanted to see if Companion Reading really made a difference that we could measure with achievement test scores. It was very interesting. The reading, of course did accelerate and I expected that to happen. But an interesting phenomena that came about was that the math scores also accelerated. Why?! I think it's because they became better readers, more confident readers - they weren't afraid of new words and that helped them to read story problems and directions in the test and do a better job. I think the best thing is that Companion Reading insures success for all students whether they're the lower achievers or the high achievers, they've all got an equal opportunity for success."

Alaysha Woods - Vice Principal

"When a teacher is implementing Companion Reading the students are focused. They're repeating the cues given by the teacher and waiting for their turn to come around. When they go into the Companion Reading they are focused. They like reading to each other because they can read. When you go into a Companion Reading classroom you can't tell the slow learner from the faster learners because it's a program that keeps them all together. It's very well paced."